Error when connecting to Azure Data Lake from Azure Data Factory

Last night when I  was exploring Azure Data Factory, I wanted to create a pipe line to transfer data from my on-perm SQL server to my Azure Data Lake Store. Therefore, I simply created a pipe line and added a copy activity to it and then set up a linked service to connect to my ADLS. However, when creating the link service, I kept the “Connect via integration run time” drop down to “Default”. 


However, once I debugged the pipe line, it failed ! When I checked the error information,  error code was “2109” and a description said “please explicitly specify the location of the integration runtime referred by the connectVia property to avoid region detection if needed.”


Since I was new to ADF,  it did not occur me what is the root case of the error. But I went back and checked the properties of “defaultIntegrationRunTime” integration runtime and it had the Region as “Auto Resolved” as shown in bellow.


Then I created a new integration run time and this time ,I specifically set region as “East US 2”, which was the same region I used to create both my ADLS and ADF.


Then I went back and used newly created integration runtime in my linked connection to my ADLS.


That’s it, it solved my issue. Seems like you need have your ADLS and integration runtime in same region to work properly.

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